Report A Broken Link or Cheater
Use the form below to report a dead link or a site that is breaking our rules. You do not need to tell us the URL, just give a short description of what the site is doing to break the rules, or simply enter 'This is a dead link' if the link no longer works.

Our Rules:
  • child porn, rape, beastiality, or anything illegal will be reported to the proper authorities.
  • gallery must contain atleast 2 movies with Gay, Bisexual or Shemale content (but shemale with guys not with women). NO straight galleries
  • all thumbails must link to movie and not banner filled html pages.
  • No consoles, frames, re-directs or blind links on all gallery pages.
  • We don't like redirection in the root or on the error 404. We have clean site, with minimum of out, maximum on galleries.. and we want to limit redirection)
  • No deceptive blind links such as "NEXT", "PAGE 2", "NEXT GALLERY etc...

If we determine that your report is correct, we will remove the offending post and possibly ban it from our TGP. Thank you for helping to keep our TGP top quality.